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127, Lemon Bots


Campo Verde High School's Lemon Bots first competed in Gateway. The team, most notable for being almost entirely student-led, was founded in 2011.

The group is considered to be an after school club, and does not have any associated classes.


The club was founded as an offshoot of Campo Verde High School's Biomedical Sciences program. Initially, membership was only afforded to those in the Biomedical Sciences program, but it has since opened up to all students.


  • Captain: Benjamin Miller
  • Postal Address: 3870 S Quartz St, Gilbert, AZ 8529 (please specify “robotics”)
  • email:

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Notable Competition Teams

The Lemon Bots shuffle members between competition seasons, so the members of one subteam one year may not be the same the next. The ones who have stood out are mentioned below.

Team C, Toss Up

127C in Toss Up was perhaps the most notorious Lemon Bots robot to date. It was the robot that began the Lemon Bots' current four-year winning streak at the Arizona State Championship level. This robot stretched up to 16 feet across the field in order to block opponents. By elimination rounds at Worlds, it was performing excellently. The only thing that prevented it from breaking the game and winning inside the dome was uncharacteristic mechanical problems from its alliances partners.

The robot can be seen here in a quarterfinal match:

Team A, Skyrise

This team was primarily responsible for continuing the Lemon Bots' state championship streak, although the alliance captain was 127B from the same season. The version of this robot featured at the state championship featured a pneumatic transmission on the drive, a double-reverse four-bar, a belt-type cube intake, and a pneumatic claw-type skyrise section intake that could be placed on either side of the robot depending on the alliance color.

Team A, Nothing But Net

Despite a dearth of experienced members, the Lemon Bots' top team for this season managed to step up and fill the niche of a field shooter. This team paired with different teams at the VEX State Championship and the new AIA Barrett State Championship, but managed to win both due to its fast drive base and consistent shooting. Below is video from the latter championship. This was also the first year that a Lemon Bots team had the most tournament wins in the state.

Team C, Starstruck

With even stronger competition than ever, most notably from 2114X and 2114Z, the Lemon Bots' 127C team again managed to seize victory at the now-combined VEX AIA State Championship. They also won the Excellence Award, and held the most tournament champion titles in the state.

Their robot reveal footage can be seen here:

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