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VEXnet Competition Switch

Product number 276-2335

The VEXnet Competition Switch is used to simulate the field control hardware and software that is present during a competition. It is necessary to use a Competition Switch if your robot is running a program that uses the competition template. The VEXnet Joystick controlling the robot is connected to the Competition Switch via a standard ethernet cable from the “Competition” jack on the front of the joystick to the Competition Switch. Up to four remotes can be connected to a single Competition Switch, allowing the simulation of a four team/two alliance match.

Two switches control the behavior of the robots connected to it:

  • Enable / Disable - controls whether the robots are active or not.
  • Autonomous / Driver - controls which competition program template will be run when the robot is enabled.

Competition Switch is also used during inspection to assure that the robot indeed has two competition templates are programmed, and only enabled by the competition switch.

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