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While very similar in appearance, motors and servos are suited to distinctly different types of tasks. Servos are incapable of making a full rotation. Vex Servos are limited to about 100 degrees of rotation, but have the invaluable ability to self-correct to maintain any specific position within the set boundaries.

Like motors, Servos operate off of a PWM signal between 0 and 255 (or -128 to 127, depending on development environment), except servos use that signal to move to a specific position at a constant speed set by the manufacturer.


  • Rotation:100 degrees
  • Stall Torque:6.5 in-lbs
  • Voltage:4.4 - 9.1 Volts (Motor life will be reduced operating outside this range)
  • PWM Input:1ms - 2ms will give full reverse to full forward, 1.5ms is neutral
  • Black Wire:Ground
  • Orange Wire:Power
  • White Wire:PWM signal
  • Current Draw:20mA to 1.5 A per Servo


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