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Screwdrivers (HEX)

Hex screwdriver sizes are as follows:

  1. 5/64“ for motor screws and locking collar set screws (grub screws)
  2. 3/32” for structural screws
  3. 5/32“ for playfield screws

The 3/32” and 5/64“ non-ball end hex screwdrivers that are available in the Performance Tool Kit can be “renewed” when they round off by grinding the rounded end off on a bench grinder or belt sander. You can also remove the metal shaft from the holder using a pair of pliers and flip the shaft around in the handle. This does not work with the 3/32” ball end screwdriver, as the shafts on those are larger than 3/32“.

The Wiha screwdrivers are expensive, but very high quality and round less frequently than the performance tool kit screwdrivers do.

Screwdrivers (TORX)

Torx screwdriver sizes are as follows:

  1. T15 - Star drive structural screws
  2. T8 - Star drive couplers


Wrench sizes are as follows:

  1. 11/32” - normal hex nuts
  2. 1/4“ - standoffs
  3. 7/16” - large playfield screws

11/32“ nutdrivers and combo wrenches are commercially available. The stamped steel combo wrenches are not available separately from VEX and must be purchased as part of the Tool Kit

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